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Occitane Lacurie et Barnabé Sauvage, à propos de SWEAT, 2020

à propos de SWEAT, FID Marseille, 2020
texte de Nicolas Feodoroff
https://fidmarseille.org/en/film/sweat/ (english)

entretien avec Olivier Pierre à propos de SWEAT, FID Marseille, 2020
https://fidmarseille.org/en/entretien-sweat/ (english)

à propos de l’exposition Canal Royal au CRAC Occitanie - Sète
texte de Victorine Grataloup

à propos d’Auve Immédiate Vents Tièdes, A bras le corps, 2019
de Smaranda Olcèse-Trifan

Art Collection + Design - december 2017  
by Huang Chien-Hung
(article on Love Canal and Stella 50.4N1.5E) 

extract > “In another film by Elsa Brès – ‘Love Canal’, we see staggered horizon of landscape and minerals, as well as super zoomed-in of model objects. From the staggering scenes between models, objects and minerals, and even extended to the motorcycle’s noise and the actions of people in the landscape, we realized there is a profound ecological connection between ‘artificiality’ of man-made objects and minerals that have been built up through different lives in the nature." translation by  CC Kua

Roman, Panorama 19 - june 2017
by Yannick Haenel 
(text on Love Canal) 

Classeur magazine #1 - juin 2016

Panorama 18 - june 2016
by Charlotte Bayer-Broc
(text on STELLA 50.4N1.5E)